Bio… not the kind you need an AFK for

So who am I?
I’m a 33 years old anesthesiologist in my last year of training. To do this job here in Belgium, you have to get a doctorate in medicine (7 years) then you spend another 5 to 6 years doing your residency. A resident is a modern world slave who works 60-80+ hours a week in an operating room learning the job under the supervision of a fully fledged anesthesiologist. Basically it takes that long to learn how to put patients asleep and how to bring them back. This task can be as simple as injecting a few milliliters of about half a dozen different drugs to being able to tweak a non beating heart in order to pump again, which most people would say is a nice feature. You know, so their brain doesn’t fry…


It’s an amazing thing to do! It means spending hours and hours expecting catastrophies and then, when the latter happens, spending minutes in hell. But the fun kind of hell. The one when your brain goes through all the years of amassed data to find the one solution in order to save someone’s life.
And that’s the main difference with other medical specialties. Your actions have to be effective within seconds/minutes or else someone’s father/mother/child//spouse is never attending another Christmas dinner…

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