So I’m an anasthesiologist. Well, the full title is Anesthesiologist-Reanimator but typing it gives me heartburn…
It’s a really fun, stressfull, exciting and challenging job, best in the world in my humble opinion, but it’s not all I do… by far! I’m a pretty passionate guy and I indulge in many other activities.
To name a few:
Family life. My fiancée (since 1994…) and I have two teenagers (12 and 15 years old).
PC gaming, especially MMO’s. Mainly, I’m part of a PVP Corp in Eve Online and I raid 3-4 times a week in World of Warcraft
– I collect/create bonsai trees. I have about two dozen trees at various levels of refinement.
– I have a larger telescope. For those who care, it’s a 300×1200 mm Orion Optics newtonian on a Atlas mount.
– I recently started delving into the realm of astrophotography. I.e. I spend many a night in the backyard either stuck to my eyepiece or in front of my laptop, setting up my photo rig and trying to compete with Hubble.
– I’m an avid collector. I do stamps, coins, coasters, postcards and for a few years now, I’ve been collecting shopping lists people abandon in grocery stores parking lots.
– I used to operate two large fishtanks. One 200 gallons saltwater reef tank, complete with soft corals, anemones and, of course, clown fish. My other tank was a 100 gallon freshwater South-American dwarf cichlids lush paradise. I’ll set those two up again soon, when time gets available.
– I’m also very much into computer building/tweaking. I’ve been putting together systems for me, my family and my friends for the last 10 years or so.

Those are my main sources of enjoyment. We also have 1 dog (Bernese Mountain Dog, awesome, adorable, gentle giant), 4 cats (one of whom just had a 700$ surgery), 2 rabbits, a huge garden/backyard and soon we will most likely own a couple of horses, some sheep… I would really like to get a couple of chinchillas and some chickens but I have to find time and a place to fit them in. I can’t wait! Fresh chinchilla’s eggs every morning…

I recently woke up in the middle of the day after having spent the night working at the hospital and I got struck with a wave of the blues. I had dreamed of myself, laying on my deathbed and realizing that I had wasted a third of my life sleeping. So I hate sleeping. I can’t wait for researchers to come up with a drug that lets you be awake for weeks on end and they’re actually working on something like that. 24 hours is way too little for a day. I usually get up at 5.30/6.00 am, I go to work and come home between 7 or 9 pm. So that leaves me between 8 and 9 hours to sleep, eat, spend time with my wife and kids and cram all my extracurricular activities in. The solution? I only sleep 3 hours a night…

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