The iPod rules

I’m typing these posts from my iPod touch. Maybe you think that’s really common and nothing to fuss about but to me this still feels like Sci-Fi.

I never was a fan of Apple. I always thought their products were overpriced, overhyped and generally just not for me. I bought an 8gig iPod touch 8 months ago because they were on sale and I figured I deserved a present. Working 48 hours over a single week-end does that to you. When you finally leave the hospital on Monday morning, you feel like you deserve something…

So I treated myself to this device and, oh… my… god!!! Why had I not known about this amazing gizmo??? I owned various mp3 players and pocket pc’s over the last few years but this was a whole new world. Sorry if this sounds like fanboyism but this iPod is a fantastic piece of engineering and it amazes me almost every single day.

Sometimes I wish I had an iPhone but I had bought a Blackberry 8820 just before the iPhone came out here in Belgium. On the other hand, I don’t know what an iPhone would get me that I can’t get on an iPod touch, except a freaking camera obviously…
I bought a pair of earphones with a mic built in the cord and it transformed my pod into a phone thanks to VOIP. All I need is a wifi signal which you can find anywhere, at home obviously, at the hospital, in most bars and restaurants, at gas stations, in stores etc.. So I use this thing to play all my music (ripped from my own cd’s!), check my emails, manage my appointments and schedules, make phone calls (about 5$ a month for unlimited landline calls!), check the web/facebook/Twitter, sign up for raids on our guild site… And last but not least, I discovered PODCASTS!!!

Out there lives this huge community of passionate, eloquent individuals talking for hours a week about what makes them tick be it World of Warcraft (The Instance, Rawrcast, Outlandish, Warcat…), technology (Buzz Out Loud, TWIT…), Eve Online, astronomy (Astronomy Cast), the iTunes AppStore (Appslappy) or just general geekiness (Extralife, Diary of a Cartoonist…). I shall never be bored again, as long as I live! And as long as my battery lives…

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