Man crush

If you can watch this version of Knight of Cydonia and not fall a little in love with  Matthew Bellamy, you’re one tough puppy! This live recording at the Eurockéennes of Belfort in 2006 is so full of energy you probably shouldn’t be watching it before going to bed.

I bought Guitar Hero (for the kids, you know…) a couple of days after first seeing this. I play cello so I have learned an instrument before and wasn’t expecting to get anything practical out of this game. Nevertheless, the sheer joy of listening to Knights of Cydonia while jumping around in your living room with a fake guitar in your hands is pretty awesome. I can easily understand why it would make people want to learn a proper instrument. I myself,  actually bought a real electric guitar a little after playing the game but I think that was more part of a quarter-life crisis than anything else.  I also acquired a leather motorcycle jacket at the time and was really thinking about passing my motorcyle license… I guess I wish sometimes that my life was a little more rock n’roll.

I also wish I had a tattoo but that’s a subject for another time.

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