Once in a Blue Moon

I have a thing for music. I’ve been playing the cello since I was 8 and I love discovering new artists I didn’t know about. What makes or breaks music/songs for me is simple. If there comes a note in there that I wasn’t expecting, I’ll probably end up loving it. Most modern music though is built on some well-practised and effective series of chords, the only new part is, sometimes, the melody. Most don’t go as far as Vanilla Ice did with his Ice ice baby which is a carbon copy of Under Pressure by Queen but you get what I mean.

So the other day (I use this expression too much…), I was listening to some random World of Warcraft podcast when I heard a cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love‘ in the background. After a little research I found out it was by Ingrid Michaelson. 5 minutes later, I was buying her album Be OK on iTunes. You might call it girly but she has, in my opinion, a very nice and fresh voice. The album includes 11 songs, some of which are classics’ covers like “I can’t help falling in love”. There are also a bunch of really catchy originals.

If you can handle a little nostalgic spleen, make sure to listen to her duo with Sarah Bareilles, Winter Song. The first time I heard it, my fiancée was 8000 miles away and I hadn’t seen her in 4 weeks so I might have been in the perfect mood at the time to enjoy it…

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