I have a confession to make about my beginnings in the World of Warcraft. People on podcasts often share their ‘Noob moments’ with everyone and it’s about time I come clean myself…

A noob I am

A noob I am

I think I had just dinged 60 (vanilla time) and I was starting to gather some gear for my imba warlock. Looking at the stats on different items I noticed that agility translated to crititical hit chance. As a Destruction warlock, I figured it was probably a really good stat to invest in. I grinded and ran every possible instance to try to get items with the most agility on them. I even spent some hard earned battleground marks and honor to buy one of my first blue items, the Glacial Blade… I did this until, one day, in Alterac Valley, some player kept calling me a noob. I asked WTH his problem was and he kept linking my dagger as an answer. I thought, well, it’s only a blue item but it’s got 10 agility on it, what can be so wrong about it…

It took many many days for me to actually realize my mistake and I’ve never had a noob moment since, ever…

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  1. Tariean says:

    LOL pics are win!

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