I wanted to share a little trick for all the warlocks out there. If you’re waiting for your raid to gather and get their butts to the Crusaders’ Colyseum, you can fill your Abyssal bag in a couple of minutes without having to kill a single mob. Just  find a charge or melee target around the Argent Tournament Grounds and Drain soul the heck of them until either your bag is full or your lazy raidmates have shown up.

Gief me your soul, little target dummy!

Gief me your soul, little target dummy!

Actually, if you weren’t lazy yourself, you would have been prepared for the raid and you could be sitting at the Summoning stone, probably starring at your toes like that one time when everyone else knew the Obsidian Sanctum wasn’t a Nexus instance…

Better yet, you should already be inside the instance putting up a Flasher TV for everyone’s convenience…

Creepy flasher with horns or Azerothian TV set?

Creepy flasher with horns or Azerothian plasma TV?

But you’re a lock and, as such, you are supposed to be evil. If we started helping people out, it would definitely give our class a bad name. Don’t judge me, it’s not like you’ve never banished an elemental in Wintergrasp some Ally ninja had tagged away from you… Just because you’re a slow clicker doesn’t mean it wasn’t YOUR mob. So why not indulge and help him/her waste 30 seconds of his precious farming time? It’ll make you feel a little more evil inside and, thus, a little more warlocky. Just make sure not to screw with people of your own faction, that’s just mean. When questionned by the WPD, you can always argue that you were in an altered state state of mind after seeing the price of Eternal fire at the AH and that Greed had burned another hole in your soul…

He looks sad, so he does have a soul!

You can't look this sad and not have a soul!

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