The Dark Lady appeared and drew birds in the sand with my tears

The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at a Deli. It is a gloomy October day, the kind you learn to live through around these parts where, sometimes, Autumn seems to be the only season ever invented. It is around 9 pm when I finally arrive home after a long, dreary day of work and a 1 hour drive through fog and drizzle. My shoes are off and I’m slowly starting to feel like the day has ended at last. My only plan is to spend the rest of the evening in front of a soul-warming open fire in the chimney and next to my sweetheart.
On cue, she appears with a warm cup of coffee and all feels good in the world. She sits next to me slowly and proceeds to remind me of the concert we are supposed to attend a little later that night…

He was ten stories high if he was a foot. I can see directly into the eye of the great fish! Mammal! How can I possibly get up from the couch, get dressed and head out in this depressing weather? The singer we are supposed to go listen to is Andrew Bird. A very good friend of ours works for a small independant label in Western NY and they’ve just signed him up. We promised her to go listen to him if he ever came to Belgium and that day is here…
After some discussion, some coaxing and, probably, naughty promises; my soul is sold to my devil and we head out in the, now, pouring rain…
At around 10.30 pm, we finally get to the place. It’s an old train station turned into a  concert venue. We get some drinks and proceed to the stage. I’m exhausted, my whole body begs for mercy, I want to be home and the flatish beers aren’t helping.

The man and his violin

The man and his violin

Andrew Bird gets on stage, tunes his violin, turns some knobs, clears his throat, makes the usual speech in which he loves *city* in *country* and starts playing. Just his violin at first, then some more violin on top of parts he’s recording and replaying. Then the magic happens. His voice/whistling blends with the sound of his many violin ‘solos’ overlapping each other in a sublime harmony. There is no more rain, no more fog. I don’t remember the day I just spent at the hospital, I am not tired anymore. I don’t wish to be anywhere else than right there and then, holding my beauty with one hand and a flat beer in the other. And this goes on for 2-3 hours of perfect bliss. Even the beer starts tasting good. All in all, after fighting exhaustion and the elements; and against all odds, we’re attending one of the best concerts of our lives. And I should, my live concert cherry was popped before my 14th birthday when I attended ‘Monsters of Rock’. I was dating an older girl from Australia and she got me to see Metallica, ACDC, Motley Crew and Queensryche live in Hasselt Belgium…

So get out there, Andrew Bird is touring the US and Europe for the next couple of months so check out his official page. You’ll thank me if you get so lucky to see him on stage. One last thing, he’s kind of shy so don’t mistake the fact that he usually keeps to himself for vanity, his heart lives light-years away from that. Further than the Kessel Run!

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