Hallow’s End treats FTW


Hallow’s End started over a week ago and  I finally managed to get the squashling pet I needed for the meta-achievement. A couple of nights ago, while raiding, I made an interesting discovery. The buff from the Soothing Spearmint Candy and the Pyroblast Cinnamon Ball actually stack to 4 times. Meaning the spearmint can give you +44 spell power and the cinnamon +24 spell power. Nice buff for such an easy to get item.

But there is more! Those two buffs stack with your regular +46 spell power food buff (from Fish Feast or Firecracker Salmon), giving you a total of 90 spell power just from food and candies… So make you sure you visit as many Innkeepers as you can and complete all the Candy Bucket quests to fill up on those awesome treats



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